शुक्रवार, 22 जून 2012

Kitchen Therapy... Trusted Remedies....

Kitchen Therapy...   Trusted Remedies....

Here we go... Every now and then, I would share my experiences with the Indian kitchen for our day to day health problems...!

Other members are also welcome to share their tips ( only authentic ones...)
So here go the first set of health tips.

--- Honey and ghee should never be taken together in equal quantities.

--- Milk and curd should not be taken together.

--- Consume least any kind of fat, have dry fruits instead.

--- Take a pinch of fine Sainda Namak or Lahori Namak, add a small pinch of turmeric, add a few drops of mustered oil. Rub this paste on your gum and teeth for about two minutes, Morning & night before going to bed. You may not have to see any dentist for the rest of your life.

Q. How to cure frequent occurrences of Urticaria..?

A. Take 25 gm mint leaves, 50 gm jaggery and 10 gm ajvayan ( Carom seeds ), put all the three in 400 ml of fresh water and boil hard to reduce approx. 250ml. Cool it to normal room temperature, filter it, divide it in 5 parts ( each 50 ml approx.) and take each dose at 2 hours interval. Repeat the same for a few days till the occurrence is completely stopped.

Q. How to cure Acne on face or other part of the body..?

A. 10 gm powder of dried Tulsi ( Basil ) leaves and 50 gm fresh butter ( without salt ). Mix well and apply on affected parts before going to sleep at night. Remember to wash your face before applying and the next morning also.

Q. How to cure Dandruff..?

A. Mix one tea spoonful of sugar in 200 ml of fresh tomato juice. Apply it and wash your hair after half an hour. Keep doing this for a couple of days.

Q. How to reduce body heat..?

A. Take 50 gms of fresh coriander leaves, 5 gms of mint leaves, one tomato and 15 gms of cabbage. Put it in a mixer and make a past (Ghatni). Add one cup of water and filter it. Add crystal sugar or Sainda namak (Pink rock salt) to taste. Drink it first thing in morning for about 15 days.

Take 300 mls of butter milk ( Chhachh or mathha) one hour before noon meals.